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RPM Equipment Sales offers premier Automotive Engine Rebuilding Equipment including CNC Machineing Centers. Rottler MFG, AXE equipment, Kwik Way, and Van Norman are our
Engine rebuilding Equipment manufacturers.
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 Manufacturing Systems for Today’s Machinist 

 Rottler Manufacturing boasts the finest equipment available for machining the precision componentry used in our machines. It is this commitment to quality that keeps Rottler Manufacturing on THE CUTTING EDGE and assures our customers long term reliability. Located in Kent (near Seattle), Washington, U.S.A., Rottler Manufacturing maintains the largest domestic facility 100% dedicated to the automotive aftermarket. With the in-house capability of quality control, each part is inspected prior to shipment. This assures our customers the highest standard of quality. Having the ability to engineer, manufacture, assemble, and stock machinery makes us responsive to the dynamic changes that we are constantly faced with in the industry.

An Answer for Every Type of Machine Shop

Rottler Manufacturing offers a machine for every type of engine builder. Whether it be a custom one man machine shop, a diesel jobber shop, or a demanding production engine builder, Rottler Manufacturing has a machine designed specifically for your application. The engine builder can select from machines designed with high speed automatic capabilities, diesel applications, or machines for the economically minded custom jobber shop. You can sell machine work you had to turn away in the past. Rottler manufactures a variety of accessory tooling designed to make jobs easier and faster. Rottler has developed tooling to allow the job shop or performance shop to quickly produce precision surfaces on odd jobs competitors must turn away. The same capability applies to the production machine shop where the increasing demand for quality now requires finishing surfaces previously left unmachined. 
F109AH Automatic
       50000 lbs
F107AH Automatic
       50000 lbs
F103A CNC Touch Screen
            14000 lbs
F104A CNC Touch Screen
           16000 lbs
F105A CNC Touch Screen
           18000 lbs
H80 Series Vertical Honing
H85AXY CNC Touch Screen
             2300 lbs
H85A CNC Touch Screen
            2300 lbs

H85AX CNC Touch Screen
             2300 lbs
H86A CNC Touch Screen
             2300 lbs
H86AX CNC Touch Screen
              2300 lbs
H86AXY CNC Touch Screen
               2300 lbs

CNC Touch Screen
      2300 lbs

SG80A Automatic CNC
           5000 lbs
SG7MTS Automatic
        1800 lbs
SG8MTS Manual
       2700 lbs
SG9MTS Manual
       2700 lbs
Mission Statement 

Since 1923, Rottler Manufacturing has been devoted to designing the finest Engine Rebuilding Equipment available for the progressive performance racer and engine builder. Rottler consistently addresses the needs of today’s machine shop by looking at what tomorrow's demanding standards bring. Our dedicated team of engineers and dynamic manufacturing facility are 100% devoted to developing systems that increase the accuracy, speed, and flexibility of today’s engine builder. Rottler offers a complete product line of boring, honing, surfacing, and line boring machines that set the standard of the industry. With this dedication and long term commitment, Rottler Manufacturing excels as a leading manufacturer of innovative systems that work smarter.
Rottler SG10A
Rottler SG80MTS
Rottler SG10XY
VR Series Valve Refacing
Rottler VR10
Rottler VR12
F9A Automatic CNC
         3500 lbs
F10A Automatic CNC
          3700 lbs
F10X Automatic CNC
         3700 lbs
P60 Series 5 Axis CNC Cylinder Head Porting
P69AHD Automatic
       11020 lbs
S Series Surfacing
S8M Manual
  4100 lbs
S8A Automatic
    4100 lbs
S7A Automatic
     3600 lbs
S7M Manual
  3600 lbs
S7AD Automatic CNC
             3600 lbs

S8AD Automatic CNC
         4100 lbs
F60 Series Multi Purpose CNC
F69A Automatic
     9000 lbs
F69ATC Automatic
  12000 lbs
F70 Series General Purpose
F79A Automatic
  10000 lbs