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RPM Equipment Sales offers premier Automotive Engine Rebuilding Equipment including CNC Machineing Centers. Rottler MFG, AXE equipment, Kwik Way, and Van Norman are our
Engine rebuilding Equipment manufacturers.
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Rottler F103AH Automatic Multi Purpose CNC 14,000 lbs

All F100A machines employ an entire array of features which help maximize the productivity capabilities of the machines. Quick tooling changeover maximizes the versatility and flexibility of the machine, allowing boring and surfacing in one setup. All F100A Series machines have the capability of Boring, Surfacing, Line Boring, and Universal Machining. Traveling column and spindle movements operated by precision ball screws and AC servo motors. Optional Automatic cycle software and production tooling allow complete block banks to be machined without operator attendance, once the job is set up and the "cycle start" button is pressed, the operator is free to "walk away" and do other work while the F100A completes a block bank or main line bore unattended!

Rottler has combined our own in house CNC programming and machining experience with software and programming experts to develop a new conversational programming system that is easy to learn and operate. The use of Windows style icons and graphical displays makes programs easier to understand, the old fashioned abstract G&M code programming has been replaced with easy to understand conversational icons and menus. The use of Windows information allows easy handling - everyone knows about file saving and copying to external laptops and desktop computers. Programs can be emailed worldwide via the Internet and transferred by simple USB flash memory drives.
Rottler’s patented Connecting Rod Fixtures allow large connecting rods to be surfaced and bored on the F103A machines. The Rottler boring fixtures allow both big end and small end to be bored in one set up resulting in perfect  parallelism between big end and small end. All the rods in a set can be  accurately bored for equal center to center distance, a must for today’s high compression diesel engines. Special heavy duty fixtures available for boring  very large, heavy connecting rods found in natural gas compressors and  workboat marine engines are available.
Automatic Tool Changer
Block Surfacing
Blue Print Boring
Boring & Sleeving
Circular Interpolation
Connecting Rod Boring
Cylinder Boring
Cylinder Head Resurfacing
Lifter Boring
Line Boring
Multi Purpose CNC (Custom Parts)
Thrust Cutting