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RPM Equipment Sales offers premier Automotive Engine Rebuilding Equipment including CNC Machineing Centers. Rottler MFG, AXE equipment, Kwik Way, and Van Norman are our
Engine rebuilding Equipment manufacturers.
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Rottler S8M CBN Cylinder Head & Block Resurafacer
The Rottler SM Surfacing Machines are the answer to improved productivity and profits for automotive and diesel machine shops. Two models available designed for the  needs of the performance racing team, heavy duty diesel rebuilder, large production engine remanufacturer, and one man workshop.
All SM machines use the same tooling and fixturing for quick, rigid setup and versatility. Fine surface finishes are easily obtained with both variable speeds and feeds as standard equipment.

Extra Heavy Duty Spindle - designed for CBN and PCD tooling. Large diameter, hard chromed tool steel spindle utilizes high precision triple angular contact bearings resulting in many years of super fine surface finishes.Reduced Floor Space - Compact, one piece castings and multi layer slideway guards give the most compact surfacing machines available today. Super Fine Surface Finish - Belt driven precision ball screw and infinitely variable speeds and feeds allows surface finished as low as 2Ra to 6Ra for today's MLS (Multi Layer Steel) head gaskets. Dry Cutting System - Eliminates coolant disposal and makes clean up a breeze! Cutterhead shroud directs dust and chips into optional vacuum system. Return to Vertical Zero - The cutterhead always stays at vertical zero - ready for the next pass. Latest Control Technology - State of the art closed loop electronic controls make the most advanced surfacing machines available today.Protection and Long Life - Multi Layer Steel Guards cover and protect the slideways for extra long service life. Fast Floor to Floor Time - Heads can be surfaced in less than 2 minutes and a pair of V8 heads in less than 8 minutes. Versatile - Capable of surfacing large diesel heads such as CAT3406 and 3412, and diesel blocks such as Detroit V71 and Mercedes OM440. T Slot Base - Large, flat T Slot One Piece Mehanite Cast Iron Base allows mounting of any fixture and any job - jacks and clamps can be placed anywhere!