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RPM Equipment Sales offers premier Automotive Engine Rebuilding Equipment including CNC Machineing Centers. Rottler MFG, AXE equipment, Kwik Way, and Van Norman are our
Engine rebuilding Equipment manufacturers.
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Rottler F79A CNC Multi Purpose Engine Block Machine
We at Rottler have been designing and manufacturing machines since 1923 and we used those 89 years of experience to produce a new class of machine intended for both the small to medium size diesel engine rebuilder and the performance racing engine builder.  

These versatile machines are able to perform common jobs such as boring/sleeving, surfacing (heads and blocks), main and camshaft line boring, and general industrial CNC machining with Rottler CAM software.

Our latest CAD Software (featured in the F79A and several of our other models) allows our tools to incorporate many functions and roles in one multi-purpose machining center, providing the diversity of many different machines in one  package.

Dual Workstations The large capacity of the F79A allows dual work stations so two jobs can be set up at once. The photo above displays the first station showing Rottler's medium in-line block set up for boring and surfacing on universal small to medium in-line and V block fixture. The second station shows a cylinder head set up on Rottlers leveling table for surfacing head gasket fire deck.