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RPM Equipment Sales offers premier Automotive Engine Rebuilding Equipment including CNC Machineing Centers. Rottler MFG, AXE equipment, Kwik Way, and Van Norman are our
Engine rebuilding Equipment manufacturers.
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Seat & Guide Machines
Rottler SG80MTS Seat & Guide Machines Seat Cutting Machine
The Rottler SG80 series were created specifically for machine shops that rebuild small to large cylinder heads found in the heavy duty engine industry. Large cylinder heads come in many shapes and sizes, from 24 valve single casting cylinder heads to huge single cylinder heads used in natural gas, mining and marine workboat engines. We put our trusted engine block machining technology to work designing a heavy duty machine that handles many operations required on a wide variety of cylinder heads. 
The SG7MTS Seat & Guide Machine features Rottler's trademark CONCEN that guarantees you get the most accurate and versatile machine possible. Rottler combines precision carbide centering pilots with a light weight air float workhead to give you perfect centering with the valve guide - every time. This guarantees the best CONCEN of valve seat to valve guide centerline in the industry. 
The SG8 MTS Seat & Guide Machine 
Rottler SG8MTS Seat Cutting Machine
Concentricity - Rottler's Rigid Precision carbide centering pilots are manufactured to a fine tolerance. Combined with the light weight air float workhead the SG8MTS gives perfect centering in the valve guide and the best concentricity of any machine on the market. Storage Cabinet - Three Drawers and Top Tray allows convenient storage of wide selection of tooling available from Rottler. 360 Degree Rollover Fixture - Provides quick loading and easy access to all sides of the head. Quickly levels head using the micro adjust feature. Clamps onto table firmly for chatter free cutting with extremely accurate concentricity. 
The SG9 MTS Seat & Guide Machine 
​At Rottler we believed that many large cylinder heads could be "plunge cut" with fixed tooling to save time and money. We realized that plunge cutting would require a very rigid machine utilizing many of our already established design features such as Rottler's exclusive spindle design.Over the decades, Rottler's spindle design has proven that our engine block machines are able to "plunge cut" wide counterbores found in large engine blocks with exceptional results. We used this spindle design for the SG80MTS and it has since been proven that the SG80MTS is capable of plunge cutting large valve seats very quickly and with excellent CONCEN and surface finish.
The SG10 XY Seat & Guide Machine 
​Rottler SG10XY Automatic hole to hole CNC seat cutting machine

The Rottler SG10XY ACTIV spindle is mounted on a sphere which allows the UNIPILOT to automatically center with the valve guide centerline while the Workhead is floating on air cushions. Once air floating stops and the Workhead clamps, the UNIPILOT and valve guide centerline are maintained while cutting the valve seat
Rottler SG80A Seat & Guide Machine

The SG80A Seat and Guide Machine is designed for Heavy Duty Diesel , Propane , and Locomotive Cylinder Heads.The SG80 also has extended capacity height for large work pieces. The Windows XP operating system stores data such as pilot size, cutter part numbers, job tittles and all of the cutting parameters.Feed rates for both the rough and finish cycles, RPM's and vertical Zero locations are all controlled by the PC.

The cutting cycle includes a dwell cycle that executes 2 revolutions to clean the seat for perfect concentricity and surface finishes.. The spindle feed is computer controlled with a ball screw feed. This achieves feed control unattainable by manual feeding.Concentricity is unequaled by any other machine. Rockwell 62 seats are easily processed as are soft materials.