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We wanted to let you know that we offer the best services in High Quality New and Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment. Quality installation and training along with first class after the sale support.
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RPM Equipment Sales ® 17265 Jupitar Farms Lane, Jupitar, FL 33478
Engine Rebuilding Equipment Large Inventory
Offering :  New & Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment: Automotive Machine Shop Equipment from the top Manufactures in the Industry. Machinery that helps you work smarter and earn higher profits. CNC machining Centers - Multi-Purpose Machining Centers, 5 Axis Cylinder Head Porting Machines, Seat and Guide Machines,Crankshaft Balancer, Head and Block Surfacing machines, Cylinder Boring Machines, Cylinder Honing Machines, Valve Refacing. Machinery for Race Engines, High Performance Engines, Small Engine, Motorcycle, Marine, Automotive, Light Truck, Diesel, and Stationary Engine applications.

Factory trained by : Serdi, Van Norman , Winona Van Norman, Serv -Equip, US Metal Works , AXE Equipment, Kansas Instruments, Peterson Machine Tool , Kwik Way, Rottler , Hines Industries ,Stewart Warner and has sold and trained on  IDL, Tobin Arp Empire, Schou, Seest, Comec, Berco, RMC  and many other brand names of equipment.

Cleaning Equipment : Jet spray Washers, Aqueous Parts Washers, Baking Ovens, Thermal Cleaning systems, Airless shot blasters, Glass Bead blasters, Baking Soda Blasters are offered from the best cleaning Equipment manufactures in the business. 

Flywheel Grinders : Van Norman Machine tool the first and still the best machines available.

Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment : Many of these machines were originally sold by RPM Equipment Sales so we know the history of the equipment. 

We understand your business : Meeting your equipment requirements while helping you make well informed decisions.
Engine Rebuilding Equipment - New and Used Engine Rebuilidng Equipment
Seat & Guide Machines
Valve Refacing Machines
Head & Block Surfacing
Medium Diesel Multi                Purpose CNC
CNC Head Porting Machines
CNC Vertical Diamond Cylider Hone
AXE  Equipment Spray Washers
AXE  Equipment Hot Tanks
AXE  Equipment Tumblers
AXE Equipment Engine Stands
AXE  Equipment Pressure Testers
AXE  Equipment Rinse Booth
Van Norman Flywheel Grinders

We supply NEW Engine Rebuilding Equipment & USED Engine Rebuilding Equipment
Brands Offered: Rottler MFG , AXE Equipment, Van Norman, Kwik-Way, Amc-Schou A/S, Amc Schou A/S, Amc Schou, Amc, Amc-Schou A/S, Amc-Schou, Az, Az spa, Az spa Machine Tools, ADCOL, Berco, Fisk, Gleason, Grinding Wheel Hub, Grinding Wheel Hubs, Grinding Wheel, Grinding Wheels, Heller, Hines, K Line, K-Line, Peterson, Robbi, Schou, Scledum & Storm Vulcan, Scledum / Storm Vulcan, Scledum Storm Vulcan, Scledum, Seest, Stewart Warner, Storm Vulcan & Scledum, Storm Vulcan / Scledum, Storm Vulcan Kota Weld, Storm Vulcan Kota-Weld, Storm Vulcan Mattoni, Storm Vulcan Scledum, Storm Vulcan, Van Norman, Vereco & Zanrosso, Vereco / Zanrosso, Vereco Zanrosso, Vereco, Winona Van Norman, Winona, Zanrosso & Vereco, Zanrosso & Winona Van Norman, Zanrosso / Vereco, Zanrosso / Winona Van Norman, Zanrosso Vereco, Zanrosso Winona Van Norman, Zanrosso

We supply  Used Rebuilt Engine Rebuilding Equipment
• Crankshaft Grinders, Camshaft Grinders, Crankshaft Equipment
• Head and Block Surfacers
• Cylinder Boring Bars, Cylinder Honing Equipment
• Honing Machines, Connecting Rod Equipment
• Inspection & Testing Equipment
• Valve Guide and Seat Equipment
• Valve Grinder Equipment• Bridgeport
• Lathes
• Vertical CNC Equipment
• Welding Equipment
• Grinding Equipment
• Magnaflux Equipment
• Gauging Equipment
• Machine Shop Equipment



RPM Equipment Sales has been selling reconditioned engine rebuilding equipment for many years. Our customers appreciate our expertise in the field of machine shop equipment and trust our ability to fully inspect the used machine shop equipment we sell. When cared for, serviced, and treated correctly, machine shop equipment can last for many years.Trust our experienced technicians in the automotive machine shop equipment industry to clean, inspect, and ensure that every piece of used machine shop equipment we sell has been put through rigorous testing so our customers receive top quality merchandise for their money.