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RPM Equipment Sales offers premier Automotive Engine Rebuilding Equipment including CNC Machineing Centers. Rottler MFG, AXE equipment, Kwik Way, and Van Norman are our
Engine rebuilding Equipment manufacturers.
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AXE Dominator SW-2840 Parts Washer
In 1984 AXE Equipment built its first Spraywasher Cabinet, The SW-40 Dominator. The critics all claimed the lay down door with a roll out turntable couldn't be done. Thirty plus years later here we are with the most productive line of Spraywashers in the Industry. Our rough and rugged Dominator model comes with a wide 28" diameter turntable that holds up to 1000 pounds and has a full 40" vertical height inside clearance.  The spring assisted lay down door on the  dominator can handle the tough loads such as the big detriot series blocks. This fully insulated cabinet is powered by a 7.5 hp motor and can be heated by gas or electric. 3 different hot tank sizes are available. 
The Dominator like all AXE Sprayashers incorporates and spring loaded Lay down Door that makes loading and unloading a snap, and keeps the shop floor much cleaner and drier. The pneumatic door clamps allow for smooth, safe, and hassle  free door operations while the automatic oiler and built in air regulator keeps the clamps working smoothly. 
Hot Tank 
Gear driven turntable with spring loaded safety clutch guarantees consistent turntable rotation within the spraychamber for a complete cleaning job.